Blackhawk 75 XL


We wouldn't be Wildman Rocketry if we didn't help you get wild yourself. Get Wild and go for extreme altitude with the minimum diameter Blackhawk 75 XL. The XL upgrade adds a payload pay to our standard kit.

  • 3 inch convolute-wound carbon fiber 60 in long booster
  • 3 in 30 inch long payload
  • 3 inch fiberglass filament wound nose cone w/ high temp epoxy
  • CNC cut 3/16 fiberglass fins
  • Fin guides
  • stepped bulk plates
  • Vent band
Special Note:
  • BLACKHAWK kits are designed for use by experienced flyers.
  • This kit is sold with full-length airframe sections to maximize your custom configuration capability.
  • For MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, we HIGHLY recommend shortening the rocket the minimum length necessary for your motor and recovery requirements. This will minimize body lift contributions to Cp shift during high speed flight.
Price:$599.99    Wildman Club Price:$569.99