Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo


AltimeterTwo is an instant flight analysis tool for model rocketry, no computer required. It is small enough to fit in most rockets, and it provides 10 key flight performance measures on its sunlight-readable screen for each flight, including max altitude, top speed, engine thrust duration, peak acceleration, ejection timing, and total flight time.

No batteries required. AltimeterTwo is rechargeable and includes a recharging cable that works in common USB ports.

Approved for National Association of Rocketry contests.

Will only work for model rockets.

Size: 49mm x 18mm x 14.5mm (1.9? x 0.7? x 0.57?)

Weight: 9.9 g (0.35 oz)

Price:$69.95    Wildman Club Price:$69.95